Medical Assistance for People Who are Age 65 or Older, Blind, or Disabled (Archive)

The following groups have a basis of eligibility for Medical Assistance (MA) because they are age 65 or older or are certified as blind or disabled. People in some of these groups have an income and/or asset test; use Method B to determine which exclusions, deductions, and disregards to use for them. People in the other groups are automatically eligible without an income or asset test.

See the following sections for specific eligibility requirements for each group:

l  Age 65 or Older.

l  Blindness.

l  Disability.

l  Special Category:  Disabled Children.

l  MA for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD).

l  TEFRA Option.

l  1619(a) and 1619(b).

l  Minnesota Supplemental Aid (MSA).

These bases apply to adults and to blind or disabled children under 21 who choose a blind or disabled basis instead of a children under 21 basis. See Multiple Bases of Eligibility.

People who are age 65 or older or certified as blind or disabled may also:

l  Be eligible for the Medicare Savings Programs in addition to or instead of MA, if they are enrolled in Medicare.

l  Be MA-eligible through one of the waiver programs, if they meet the criteria to receive additional services.

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