Payment Options, Refunds and Dishonored Payments (Archive)

Premium Payment Options.

Applying the Premium Payment.


Dishonored Payments.

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Premium Payment Options

After the county collects the initial premium and SRU assigns an invoice number, people may pay premiums for the MA-EPD program by:

l  Personal check.

l  Cashier’s check.

l  Money order.

l  Automatic Withdrawal Plan (AWP).

l  Credit card --Visa or MasterCard.

n  To pay by phone, instruct clients to call 651-296-7525 or 1-888-234-1321.

n  Via the DHS web site at

Online payments made by 5:00 PM on a business day will be credited that day. Online payments made after 5:00 PM on a business day, on weekends or holidays will be credited the next business day.

Enrollees should click on the link "Pay your MinnesotaCare Premium Online here." Enrollees may make online payments by:

m Visa or MasterCard.

Enrollees will need the following to process the payment:

r  Case Number.

r  Invoice Number.

r  Credit card number.

r  3-digit security code on the back of the card (Visa only).

r  Credit card expiration date.

m Checking account.

Enrollees will need the following to process the payment:

r  Case Number.

r  Invoice Number.

r  Bank routing number.

r  Checking account number.

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Applying the Premium Payment

Premium payments are applied in the following order:

l  The current month’s premium.

l  Overdue premium amounts.

l  A credit toward future premiums.

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Premiums may be refunded to enrollees with a credit balance if any of the following occurs:

l  The enrollee has died. The enrollee’s estate will receive the refund.

l  MA-EPD coverage is closed.

l  The enrollee has entered a long-term care facility and is expected to remain for at least 30 consecutive days.

If any of the above conditions apply, notify the DHS Special Recovery Unit (SRU) via MAXIS e-mail to mail group MADE.

DHS will issue a refund of credit balances within 60 days.

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Dishonored Payments

Consider payment with a dishonored personal check or automatic withdrawal to be failure to pay the premium by the due date.

The enrollee must replace the dishonored payment with a guaranteed form of payment (cashier’s check or money order).

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