Continued Benefits (Archive)

Enrollees who submit appeal requests within the time frames shown on this page may continue to receive health care coverage at the same benefit level while the appeal is pending. If a client does not want benefits to continue at the same level, require a written request to continue benefits at the lower level or to end benefits.

Do not continue coverage during an appeal to district court unless the final Department order specifically directs you to continue coverage.

Timely Request.

Continuing Benefits.


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Timely Request

Continue benefits at the level the enrollee received before the action that caused the appeal, if the local agency or DHS receives the appeal request by the later of these dates:

l  Before the effective date of the action.

l  Within 10 days after the notice mailing date.

Note:  If the end of a notice period is on a weekend or holiday, the client may appeal on the next working day. This is timely for continued benefits.

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Continued Benefits

Notify clients that they must repay benefits continued or overpaid while appeals are pending if they lose their appeals.

Do not continue benefits if the client makes a written request to discontinue the coverage.

The client must continue to pay premiums or meet a spenddown, if applicable. Except for MinnesotaCare appeals based on cancellation for non-payment, the due date for all premiums owed is the later of these dates:

l  Before the proposed date of the action.

l  Within 10 days after the date of the mailing of the notice.


MinnesotaCare sends Rob a cancellation notice on December 15. The cancellation reason is the availability of other insurance. Rob appeals the January 1 cancellation. To continue benefits while the appeal is pending, he must pay the January premium by the last working day in December.

For more information about cancellation for non-payment and reinstatement, see:

l  MinnesotaCare Reinstatement.

l  MinnesotaCare Four Month Penalty.

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If benefits continue while the appeal is pending, continue to process case changes. The household must continue to report changes and return renewals.

If there is a negative eligibility change not related to the appeal issue, notify the client of the adverse action. Take the action unless the client appeals this separate action.


An MA household with increased income appeals an increased spenddown. At the household's request, coverage continues at the old spenddown amount while the appeal is pending.

Before the appeal hearing, the household does not return a renewal. Send a notice of termination for failure to comply with renewal requirements. Terminate MA unless the household returns a completed renewal before the effective date of termination. Do not terminate MA if the client appeals this termination action.


A MinnesotaCare client appeals the removal of a household member from coverage based on the availability of other insurance. At the client's request, coverage continues for the entire household while the appeal is pending. The household must continue to pay the premium for the entire household, including the member with the other insurance.

While the appeal is pending, a new member with income moves into the household resulting in an increased premium. Increase the premium unless the household files a separate appeal of that action.

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If a MinnesotaCare client is appealing a premium increase, the client must continue paying the premium amount in effect before the increase to continue benefits. If the appeal decision upholds the increased premium, the client must pay the difference for the months the appeal was pending.

When MinnesotaCare processes the renewal for the McDonald family, the premium increases from $49 to $82 effective February 1. Mr. McDonald appeals the premium increase.

Continue coverage with the $49 premium while the appeal is pending.

The appeal decision upholds the increased premium effective February 1. The McDonalds must pay the $33 difference for all months that the appeal was pending.

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