New Hire Messages (Archive)

The Child Support Enforcement Division (CSED), per Minnesota statutes, maintains a New Hire employment registry. Most Minnesota employers have 15 days from the date of hire to report start of employment to CSED.

What are New Hire Messages?

Processing New Hire Messages.

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What are New Hire Messages?

As a supplement to IEVS WAGE matches workers will receive New Hire messages when any active or pending client has started work in the previous month. These messages should decrease the number of IEVS WAGE matches that are produced.

The New Hire Message includes:

l  New Job Details for SSN #XXX-XX-XXXX.

l  Last name.

l  First Initial.

l  Date Hired.

l  Employer Name.

l  MAXIS Name.

l  New Hire Name.

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Processing New Hire Messages

The New Hire interface is run once a month. New Hire messages are displayed on the fourth day of the month, regardless of holidays and weekends.

l  Upon receipt of a New Hire message, check the case file information to determine whether the client has reported this employment and take appropriate case action.

l  Obtain a signed release of information form from the client in order to contact the employer for further information.

l  If it is determined the New Hire record is not accurate, it is not necessary to report the discrepancy.

Note:  The worker should let the client know that an employer has been inaccurately reporting employment under his or her SSN so that the client can take action to correct the information.

l  New Hire messages can be deleted by the worker when the appropriate action has taken place.

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