Manual Letter #25

This manual letter lists new and revised material for the Health Care Programs Manual (HCPM). Unless otherwise noted, new and revised instructions are effective August 1, 2009.

Chapter 15 - Third Party Liability (TPL).

Two sections are modified based on a regularly scheduled review.

Chapter 30 - Other Related Programs.

A number of sections are modified based on a regularly scheduled review.

Other Updates

Chapter 21 - Income Calculation (Community).

Chapter 23 - Medical Assistance (MA) Payment of Long-Term Care (LTC) Services.

Chapter 29 - Quality Assurance.


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Chapter 15 - Third Party Liability (TPL)

l  Section 15.20 - Creditable Coverage.

n  Clarifies existing policies.

n  Adds Stay Well Stay Working as creditable coverage.

n  Explains that a person with creditable drug coverage may decline Medicare Part D without a penalty for later enrollment.

l  Section 15.30 - TRICARE and CHAMPVA.

n  Updates information on these two forms of health care coverage for military personnel and their families.

n  Adds links to TRICARE and CHAMPVA Web pages.

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Chapter 30 - Other Related Programs

l  Section 30.00.05 - Summary Chart.

n  Minor clarifications and updates.

n  Adds links to related sections.

l  Section 30.05 - Financial Needs.

Minor clarifications and updates.

l  Section 30.20 - Child Care Needs.

n  Updates information to reflect that the DHS Transition to Economic Stability Division supervises the Basic Sliding Fee child Care Program, rather than Minnesota Department of Education.

n  Adds information on basic sliding fee child care for families in which at least one parent is a veteran.

l  Section 30.25 - Residence-Related Needs

n  Updates information on telephone assistance programs, including that the discount has increased to up to $10 per month.

n  Updates information on the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP); assistance may include furnace repair and heat that is included in rent payments.

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Other Updates

Chapter 21 - Income Calculation (Community)

n  Section 21.20.05 - Excess Income and MinnesotaCare.

Corrects an error in the example for calculating the MinnesotaCare MCHA exemption.

Chapter 23 - MA Payment of LTC Services

n  Section 23 - MA Payment of Long-Term Care (LTC Services).

Revises page to provide additional information about the requirements for an institutional level of care.

n  Section 23.05 - Long-Term Care Consultation (LTCC).

m Provides additional information about the LTCC.

m Clarifies information about referrals to the county LTCC team.

n  Section 23.25 - Communication Forms for LTC Cases (New).

m Provides information about communication forms that may be needed for eligibility determinations for LTC.

m Explains the need for and use of each form.

Chapter 29 - Quality Assurance

n  Section 29.15 - Overpayments.

Clarifies to look for an eligibility basis under the same program, not under any other program or category.

n  Section 29.15.05 - Overpayment Notification and Collection.

Clarifies that the county agency or DHS collections may also use the Judgment by Operation of Law (JOL) procedures for state-funded MinnesotaCare, as well as for GAMC.  


n  Section A-F.

m Employer-Subsidized Insurance (ESI) (modified).

m Full Team Development Disabilities (DD) Screening (New).

n  Section G-L.

m ICF/MR (modified).

m Institutional Level of Care (New).

n  Section M-R.

m Pre-Admission Screening (PAS) (modified).

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