Minnesota Health Care Programs

1.4 State Residency

Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) are only available to Minnesota residents.

People Age 21 or Older

People age 21 or older are a Minnesota resident if one of the following applies:

If a person is not capable of indicating intent, the person is a Minnesota resident if they are living in Minnesota. A person is not capable of indicating intent if they meet any of the following:

People Younger Than Age 21

People under age 21 who are emancipated follow the policy for people age 21 or older. Otherwise, people under age 21 are a Minnesota resident if one of the following applies.

Living in Minnesota

A person is living in Minnesota if they reside in the state. To reside in the state means the person has made Minnesota their home.

If a person is not physically present in Minnesota, a person is living in Minnesota if they meet a condition for temporary absence.

People visiting Minnesota, including for the purpose of obtaining medical care, do not reside in Minnesota and are not residents of the state.

Inconsistent Information Regarding State Residency

People are not required to provide proof of residency unless the person’s attestation related to residency is inconsistent with other information provided by the person or known to the agency. The person may have to provide proof of residency to resolve the inconsistency.

A person's immigration status cannot be used to establish an inconsistency in state residency. Additional information about state residency can only be requested if information other than immigration status is inconsistent with attested state residency.

Examples of inconsistent information regarding state residency include, but are not limited to:

Acceptable proof of state residency includes, but is not limited to:

People who are a Resident of Another State

People cannot be residents of more than one state. Generally, if another state has determined a person to be a resident of their state then they are not a Minnesota resident.

In cases where two or more states cannot resolve which state is the state of residence, the person is a resident of the state in which they are physically located.

Overlapping State Coverage

People must not receive Medical Assistance (MA) from more than one state at a time.  However, a person who has MA coverage in another state may be eligible for MA coverage in Minnesota when the person:

Residency Rules for Certain Populations

The following groups of people have special rules for determining their state of residency:

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