Medical Assistance for Families with Children and Adults Mandatory Verifications (Archive)

Mandatory verifications must be verified through an available electronic data source or by paper proof, if electronic data sources are unsuccessful or unavailable. See individual eligibility requirements for acceptable proof and timelines.

Pre Eligibility Verification

The following eligibility factors must be verified prior to the eligibility determination: 

Post Eligibility Verification

The following factors can be verified after eligibility has been approved. If proof is not provided, eligibility may end.


For MA for parents, relative caretakers, pregnant women and children with a spenddown, the following pre-eligibility verifications also apply:

  • Medical expenses to meet a spenddown

  • Assets, when an asset limit applies

    • Verification of assets is required at application, renewal, and when a new asset is reported.

      • At renewal, an excluded asset that was verified does not need to be verified again unless the asset has changed, to determine whether the change affects the exclusion.

    • Verification of the following assets is not required at application or renewal:

      • Homestead if it qualifies for the real property homestead exclusion.  The only exception applies to people who are applying for or renewing Medical Assistance for Long term Care eligibility. See MA-LTC Long-Term Care Home Equity Limit for more information about the exception.

      • Vehicles, up to the number of persons in the household of age 16 or older. 

      • Household goods and personal effects

County, tribal and state servicing agencies must retain verification documentation in accordance with the County Human Service Records Retention Schedule (DHS-6928).

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