Medical Assistance for People Who Are Age 65 or Older or People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability

2.3.3 Financial Eligibility

This subchapter provides policy about financial eligibility. This includes eligibility factors that involve a person’s income or assets.

This subchapter includes policies that apply to Medical Assistance for People Who Are Age 65 or Older and People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability (MA-ABD).

  1. MA-ABD Household Composition and Family Size

  2. MA-ABD Assets

    1. MA-ABD Asset Limits

      1. MA-ABD Asset Deeming

        1. MA-ABD Sponsor Asset Deeming

    2. MA-ABD Excluded Assets

    3. MA-ABD Countable Assets

      1. MA-ABD Availability of Countable Assets

        1. MA-ABD Shared Ownership

    4. MA-ABD Unknown Assets

    5. MA-ABD Excess Assets

    6. MA-ABD Asset Evaluation

      1. MA-ABD Liquid Assets

      2. MA-ABD Retirement Funds and Plans

      3. MA-ABD Health Expense Accounts

        1. MA-ABD Flexible Spending Arrangements

        2. MA-ABD Health Savings Accounts

      4. MA-ABD Real Property

        1. MA-ABD Homestead Real Property

        2. MA-ABD Non-Homestead Real Property

        3. MA-ABD Life Estates and Remainder Interests

        4. MA-ABD Other Property Interests

      5. MA-ABD Contract for Deed and Other Property Agreements

      6. MA-ABD Promissory Notes

      7. MA-ABD Automobiles and Other Vehicles used for Transportation

      8. MA-ABD Annuities

      9. MA-ABD Trusts

        1. MA-ABD Identifying the Type of Trust

        2. MA-ABD Client-Funded Trusts

        3. MA-ABD Medical Assistance Qualifying Trusts

        4. MA-ABD Special Needs Trusts

        5. MA-ABD Pooled Trusts

        6. MA-ABD Third Party Established and Funded Trusts

        7. MA-ABD Supplemental Needs Trusts

      10. MA-ABD Life Insurance Policies

      11. MA-ABD Burial Contracts

        1. MA-ABD Burial Space Exclusion

        2. MA-ABD Burial Fund Exclusion

      12. MA-ABD Continuing Care Retirement Community Entrance Fee

      13. MA-ABD Tribal Payments and Interests

      14. MA-ABD Household Goods and Personal Effects

  3. MA-ABD Income

    1. MA-ABD Income Limits

    2. MA-ABD Income Methodology

      1. MA-ABD Countable Income

        1. MA-ABD Income Deeming

        2. MA-ABD Sponsor Income Deeming

      2. MA-ABD Disregards and Deductions

      3. MA-ABD Excluded Income

  4. MA-ABD Medical Spenddowns

    1. MA-ABD Spenddown types

    2. MA-ABD Health Care Expenses