Medical Assistance for People Who Are Age 65 or Older and People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts

Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act allows people with disabilities to save and invest money into special ABLE accounts without affecting their program eligibility. ABLE accounts are tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities that can be used for certain qualified disability expenses (QDEs).

An eligible Minnesotan can set up an ABLE account in Minnesota or any other state that allows Minnesota residents access to its ABLE program, but a person can have only one account open in his or her name.

For more information about who is eligible to open an ABLE account in Minnesota and the conditions that apply, refer to the Minnesota ABLE website (

Evaluation of ABLE Accounts

A person’s ABLE account is excluded from assets when determining eligibility.

A distribution from an ABLE account is a conversion of an asset and continues to be excluded in the month it is withdrawn.

If the person retains the distribution beyond the month received, the distribution is treated as follows:

  • It is excluded from assets if the person uses it for a QDE.

  • It continues to be excluded while all the following conditions are met:

    • It is unspent

    • It is identifiable

    • The person attests they intend to use it for a QDE

    • The ABLE account remains open

  • It is counted as an asset only if the person attests they used it for, or plan to use it for, an expense that is not a QDE

Income to ABLE Accounts

Income a person receives and then deposits into an ABLE account is counted or excluded in accordance with standard Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP)  policies about the treatment of income. See information in Section MA-ABD Income Methodology for more information.

The following is excluded for the person who owns the ABLE account:

  • Money deposited into the ABLE account by anyone other than the person who owns the account

  • Transfers into the ABLE account from the account owner’s special needs trust, supplemental needs trust, or pooled trust

  • Distributions from the ABLE account

  • Earnings from interest, dividends, or appreciation in value of the ABLE account

Legal Citations

Minnesota Statutes, section 256Q

Achieving a Better Life Experience Act of 2014, Public Law 113-295