Program IM Post-Eligibility

These policies apply to Program IM enrollees.

A person must meet the post eligibility requirements that match their basis of eligibility. People are in one of the following eligibility groups:

This subchapter includes policies that apply to Program IM and links to policies that apply to MA-ABD, MA-FCA, MA-EPD, all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) programs.

  1. MA Begin and End Dates

  2. MA Benefit Recovery

  3. MHCP Change in Circumstances

  4. MA Cooperation

  5. Program IM Medicare

  6. MA Cost Sharing

  7. MHCP Fraud

  8. Program IM Health Care Delivery

  9. MHCP Inconsistent Information

  10. Program IM Leave Days

  11. MA-EPD Premiums and Cost Sharing

  12. MA Qualifying Health Coverage

  13. MA Referral for Other Benefits

  14. MA-ABD Renewals

  15. MA-FCA Renewals