Medical Assistance Northstar Care Title IV-E Foster Care and Title IV-E Kinship Assistance Basis of Eligibility

Minnesota provides Medical Assistance (MA) to certain groups of people as allowed under law. These groups are referred to as a basis of eligibility. A person’s basis of eligibility determines the non-financial criteria and financial methodology used to determine MA eligibility.

The Title IV-E basis of eligibility includes children receiving:

  • Title IV-E Foster Care

  • Title IV-E Kinship Assistance

The Title IV-E basis of eligibility ends when Title IV-E status ends or the child turns age 18 and no extension is granted, or age 21, with an extension.

Children with a certified disability, receiving a home and community-based services waiver continue to use the Title IV-E basis of eligibility. They do not use the disabled basis of eligibility.

Legal Citations

Code of Federal Regulations, title 42, section 435.145

Minnesota Statutes, section 256B.055, subdivision 2