Appendix D

Community Living Arrangements

The following are some examples of community living arrangements:

  • Battered women’s shelter

  • Campground

  • Car

  • Child foster care - Rules 1, 4 and 8

  • Community-based behavioral health hospital (CBHH)

  • Detox-only facilities

  • Group residential housing (GRH) (non-IMD)

  • Halfway house, chemical dependency

  • Halfway house, correctional

  • Homeless

  • Homeless shelter

  • Hotel or motel

  • Maternity shelter

  • Medical hospital

  • Non-negotiated rate facilities with specialized programs for people with developmental or physical disabilities

  • Private residence (home, apartment or home of another person)

  • Residential treatment facilities (non-IMD) that provide treatment for chemical dependency or mental illness