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Emergency Medical Assistance Health Care Delivery (Archive)

Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA) enrollees must follow guidelines for receiving medically necessary services. People who receive EMA are excluded from managed care enrollment. EMA medical services are provided via fee for service.

Fee for Service

Fee-for-service is a method of payment where the medical provider bills the Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) for specific, individual services. Enrollees must use a medical provider enrolled with MHCP, except in special circumstances. A directory of enrolled providers is available online.

Covered Services

EMA does not cover preventive care, organ transplants, or home- and community-based waiver services. See the EMA section of the MHCP Provider Manual for more information on covered services.

When a person's emergency medical condition needs more care beyond the emergency room or hospital, the person's health care provider may submit an EMA Care Plan Certification (CPC) Request (DHS-3642) to the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS). The health care provider must specifically describe the need for follow-up care and the services needed to prevent serious jeopardy to the person’s health, or bodily impairment or dysfunction.

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