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Minnesota Family Planning Program Change in Circumstances (Archive)

Minnesota Family Planning Program (MFPP) enrollees must report the following changes that affect eligibility:

  • Death

  • Immigration status

  • Losing Minnesota state residency

  • Moving into an intermediate care facility for mental disease (IMD) or state prison, county detention facility or city jail

  • Pregnancy

Enrollees who fail to report a change listed above, that would have resulted in ineligibility for MFPP are disenrolled and subject to a 12-month ineligibility period beginning with the date of disenrollment.

If the unreported change is a pregnancy, enrollees are not subject to the 12 months ineligibility period. Pregnant enrollees who’s MFPP coverage is ended, may reapply following the end of the pregnancy.

Applicants and enrollees must report changes to their county, tribal or state servicing agency. They may report changes via:

  • Phone

  • Mail

  • In person

  • Using a renewal form

  • Using the Change Report Form (DHS-4796)

Changes are discovered in other ways, such as:

  • Changes reported by another person or agency

  • Changes reported by an enrollee to another program, such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

  • Information reported by electronic matches

  • Upcoming or potential changes that the agency has been tracking

Applicants and enrollees must reconcile inconsistent information with their county, tribal or state servicing agency.

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