Widow and Widower Disregard (Archive)

The Widow and Widower’s Disregard is only available for MA Method B and the Medicare Savings Programs.

Conditions for Use.

Applying the Disregard.

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Conditions for Use

To use the Widow and Widower’s Disregard a client must meet all of the following conditions:

l  Currently receiving RSDI.

l  Filed an MA application before July 1,1988.

l  Have been entitled to receive RSDI continuously since December 1983.

l  Was a disabled widow or widower in January 1984.

l  Established a right to receive RSDI benefits before age 60.

l  Were eligible for SSI or MA benefits before application of the revised actuarial reduction formula.

l  Lost eligibility for SSI or MA benefits as a result of the change in the actuarial reduction formula.

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Applying the Disregard

Apply the Widow and Widower’s Disregard if the client meets all of the conditions.

l  Disregard all RSDI cost of living adjustments effective on and after January 1, 1984 when determining eligibility.

l  Determine a client's eligibility retroactive to July 1, 1986.

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