2.2 Medical Assistance for Families with Children and Adults

Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility is determined using a variety of non-financial, financial and post-eligibility requirements.

This subchapter includes policies that apply to MA for Families with Children and Adults (MA-FCA) and links to policies that apply to all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) programs.

  1. General Requirements

    1. MHCP Applications

    2. MA-FCA Hospital Presumptive Eligibility

    3. MA-FCA Mandatory Verifications

    4. MA Responsibilities

    5. MHCP Rights

    6. MHCP Retroactive Coverage

  2. MA-FCA Non-Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-FCA Bases of Eligibility

    2. MA Citizenship and Immigration Status

    3. MA County Residency

    4. MA Living Arrangement

    5. MHCP State Residency

    6. MA Social Security Number

  3. MA-FCA Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-FCA Asset Limits

    2. MA-FCA Household Composition and Family Size

  4. MA-FCA Sponsor Deeming

    1. MA-FCA Income Limit

    2. MA-FCA Income Methodology

    3. MA-FCA Income Verification

    4. MA-FCA Medical Spenddown

  5. MA-FCA Post-Eligibility

    1. MA Begin and End Dates

    2. MA Benefit Recovery

    3. MHCP Change in Circumstances

    4. MA Cooperation

    5. MA Cost Sharing

    6. MHCP Fraud

    7. MA-FCA Health Care Delivery

    8. MHCP Inconsistent Information

    9. MA Qualifying Health Coverage

    10. MA Referral for Other Benefits

    11. MA-FCA Renewals