2.4 Medical Assistance for Long-Term Care Services

Medical Assistance for Long-Term Care Services (MA-LTC) eligibility is available for people who are eligible for MA and meet specific eligibility requirements.

LTC services include:

  • Skilled nursing facility (SNF) services

  • Nursing facility services in an inpatient medical hospital

  • Intermediate care facility for Persons with Developmental Disabilities (ICF/DD) services

  • Services covered by home and community-based service waivers (Brain Injury (BI), Community Alternative Care (CAC), Community Access Disability Inclusion (CADI), Developmental Disability (DD), and Elderly Waiver (EW))

This chapter includes policies that apply to MA-LTC and links to relevant MA and Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) policies.

  1. MA-LTC Eligibility Requirements

    1. MA-LTC Long-Term Care Consultation

    2. MA-LTC Long-Term Care Home Equity

    3. MA-LTC Uncompensated Transfers

      1. MA-LTC Lookback Period and Transfer Date

      2. MA-LTC Transfer Penalty

      3. MA-LTC Transfer Penalty Exceptions and Hardship Waiver

      4. MA-LTC Other Asset Transfer Consideration

    4. MA-LTC Annuities

      1. MA-LTC Annuity Disclosures

      2. MA-LTC Naming DHS a Preferred Remainder Beneficiary

  2. MA-LTC Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-LTC Asset Assessment

      1. MA-LTC Community Spouse Asset Allowance

      2. MA-LTC Asset Eligibility for the Long-Term Care Spouse

    2. MA-LTC LTC Partnership Insurance

    3. MA-LTC HCBS Waivers

      1. MA-LTC HCBS Waivers for People with Disabilities

      2. MA-LTC HCBS for People Age 65 or Older (Elderly Waiver)

    4. MA-LTC Long-Term Care Facilities

    5. MA-LTC Income Calculations for Long-Term Care Services

      1. MA-LTC Income Calculation Deductions