Medical Assistanc Northstar  Adpotion Assistance (NAA) Medical Assistance Northstar Adoption Assistance

Children who receive Northstar Adoption Assistance are automatically eligible for Medical Assistance (MA) without a health care application. This includes children who are receiving Title IV-E or non-IV-E Adoption Assistance and children eligible for MA in Minnesota under the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA).

Children who receive Title IV-E adoption assistance are automatically eligible for MA when they move to Minnesota.

For a child who receives non-Title IV-E adoption assistance to automatically receive MA under ICAMA, the adoption assistance agreement from the other state must include healthcare coverage. Not all states provide automatic MA for non-Title IV-E adoption assistance children, even if the state is a part of ICAMA. Those states which extend MA coverage to interstate agreements, through reciprocity under the Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1985 (COBRA) also known as COBRA-Reciprocity, will provide MA to non-Title IV-E adoption assistance children who move there from another state. See the COBRA & COBRA-Reciprocity chart on the Association of Administrators of the Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (AAICAMA) website for a state by state listing. See the MHCP Interstate Residency Agreements policy for more information.

This subchapter includes policies that apply to MA for children receiving Northstar Adoption Assistance and links to policies that apply to all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) programs.

  1. MA Northstar Adoption Assistance (MA-NAA) General Requirements

    1. MA-NAA Mandatory Verifications

      MA Benefit Recovery

      1. MA Third Party Liability

        MA Cost Effective Insurance

        MA Other Third Party Liability

      MHCP Change in Circumstances

      MHCP Fraud

      MHCP Inconsistent Information

      MA Referral for Other Benefits

      MHCP Rights

    MA-NAA Non-Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-NAA Basis of Eligibility

      MA Citizenship and Immigration Status

      MA County Residency

      MHCP State Residency for Adoption Assistance and Foster Care

    MA-NAA Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-NAA  has no financial eligibility requirements.

    MA-NAA Post Eligibility

    1. MA Benefit Recovery

      MHCP Change in Circumstances

      MHCP Fraud

      MA-NAA Health Care Delivery

      MHCP Inconsistent Information

      MA Northstar Title IV-E and Medicare

      MA Referral for Other Benefits