Medical Assistance Northstar Kinship Assistance Basis of Eligibility

Minnesota provides Medical Assistance (MA) to certain groups of people as allowed under law. These groups are referred to as a basis of eligibility. A person’s basis of eligibility determines the non-financial criteria and financial methodology used to determine MA eligibility.

Children who receive NKA who have a certified disability and receive home and community-based waiver services are not required to use the disabled basis of eligibility and should continue to use the NKA basis of eligibility. 

Eligibility Begin Date

A child’s MA under the NKA basis begins the first day of the month the NKA benefit agreement goes into effect. When NKA benefits are approved, the DHS permanency support specialist sends both the NKA payment commencement notice and a copy of the NKA benefit agreement to the health care eligibility worker in the child’s county of residence. The effective date of the NKA benefit agreement is included in the NKA payment commencement notice.

For a child who is transitioning from foster care to the NKA basis, MA eligibility must continue under the foster care basis until the NKA benefit agreement goes into effect.

Eligibility End Date

MA under the NKA basis ends the last day of the month the child turns age 18, unless they receive an extension. Extensions to the NKA benefit agreements may continue up to age 21.

The DHS Permanency Support Specialist will notify the eligibility worker if there is a change to the NKA benefit agreement end date before the child turns age 18.

MA eligibility continues under the NKA basis while eligibility is redetermined under all other MA bases or insurance affordability programs. Children whose MA eligibility ends under the NKA basis do not qualify for MA under the former foster child basis.

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