Medical Assistance for Children in Foster Care Basis of Eligibility

Minnesota provides Medical Assistance (MA) to certain groups of people as allowed under law. These groups are referred to as a basis of eligibility. A person’s basis of eligibility determines the non-financial criteria and financial methodology used to determine MA eligibility.

The MA for children in foster care (MA-FC) basis of eligibility is available to all children in foster care regardless of Title IV-E eligibility.

Children in foster care who have a certified disability and receive home and community-based waiver services should continue to use the MA-FC basis of eligibility. They do not need to use the disabled basis of eligibility.

MA-FC Basis of Eligibility Begin Date

A child’s MA-FC basis of eligibility begins the first day of the month the foster care placement begins.

The foster care placement begins the date the child is removed from their home by the authority of a 72-hour law enforcement emergency protective hold (i.e. 72-hour hold), court order, or voluntary placement agreement.

MA-FC Basis of Eligibility End Date

A child whose foster care placement ends must be redetermined for all health care programs they are potentially eligible for, without interruption in their coverage. See EPM Change in Circumstance for more information. A new application is not required.

Foster care placements end in the following circumstances, including, but not limited to:

  • A child under age 18:
  • returns home and is no longer under the placement and care responsibility of the agency,
  • has a Transfer of Permanent Legal and Physical Custody (TPLPC) to a relative and is approved for Northstar Kinship Assistance (NKA) benefits,
  • is adopted.

A child who returns home on a Trial Home Visit (THV) is still considered to be in foster care and eligible for MA-FC.

  • A child under age 18 or older:
  • A child turns age 18, ages out of foster care and does not continue in extended foster care. 
  • A youth ages 18,19, or 20 who has continued in or re-entered extended foster care turns age 21.

Youth age 18 and older whose foster care placement ends qualify for MA under the FFC basis until age 26, without regard to income, beginning the month after foster care ends. A new application is not required. See MA-FCA Bases of Eligibility for more information.

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