Medicare Savings Programs Referral for Other Benefits

Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) enrollees who appear to have eligibility for other programs are required to apply for those programs to continue MSP eligibility only if it would increase their income above the MSP income standard. Enrollees must apply within 30 days of when the county, tribal, or state servicing agency notifies them of their potential eligibility, unless they can show good cause for not doing so.

People enrolled in Medical Assistance (MA) and a MSP may be required to apply for other benefits, even if the benefits do not exceed the MSP income standard. See MA Referral for Other Benefits for more information.

MSP enrollees are not required to reapply for benefits that were previously denied unless there has been a change in circumstances or eligibility requirements of the benefit program.

Legal Citations

Code of Federal Regulations, title 42, section 435.608