Appendix E

Institutions for Mental Diseases

An Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD) is a hospital, nursing facility, or other institution or residential program that has 17 or more beds and provides diagnosis, treatment, or care of people with mental diseases.

Types of IMD facilities include:

  • In-state children's mental health residential facilities

  • Some In-State and Out-of-State severe emotional disturbance (SED) residential treatment facilities for children Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities (PRTF) are excluded from IMD status.

  • Regional Treatment Center (RTC) - mental illness (MI) psychiatric inpatient hospital

  • Residential substance use disorder treatment programs

  • Rule 36 MI treatment program

  • Privately owned psychiatric inpatient hospital

  • State sex offender program

  • State forensic program

  • Nursing homes – when 50% or more of beds are for treatment of mental illness

Legal Citations

Code of Federal Regulations, title 42, Section 435.1010

Minnesota Statutes, section 253B.045