Disabled Adult Child Disregard (Archive)

The Disabled Adult Child (DAC) Disregard is only available to MA Method B and the Medicare Savings Programs.

Reminder:  There is no relationship between the DAC Disregard and the Disabled Child eligibility basis and type. The use of each must be determined separately.

Conditions for Use.

Identification of DAC RSDI Benefits.

Applying the DAC Disregard.

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Conditions for Use

To use the Disabled Adult Child (DAC) disregard a client must meet all of the following conditions:

l  Currently age 18 or older.

l  Became blind or disabled before reaching the age of 22.

l  Received SSI benefits on the basis of blindness or disability.

l  Lost SSI eligibility on or after July 1, 1987 due to entitlement to RSDI DAC benefits or increased RSDI DAC benefits based on disability, retirement or death of a parent.

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Identification of DAC RSDI Benefits

Identify clients potentially eligible for the DAC disregard by viewing the Social Security Claim Number.

l  DAC RSDI benefits are paid under the parental SSN.

l  The claim number is followed by one of the following codes:

n  C1 or C01.

n  C2 or C02.

n  C3 or C03.

n  C4 or C04.

n  C5 or C05.

n  C6 or C06.

n  C7 or C07.

n  C8 or C08.

n  C9 or C09

Check with SSA if you are unsure whether or not the client is receiving DAC RSDI benefits.

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Applying the DAC Disregard

Disregard the DAC RSDI benefits only for the client who meets the DAC conditions.

l  It is possible for a client to receive DAC benefits as defined by SSA and not be eligible for the DAC disregard.

l  Do not use the disregard on any other income, including RSDI benefits the client receives on his or her own account.

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