*** The Health Care Programs Manual (HCPM) has been replaced by the Minnesota Health Care Programs Eligibility Policy Manual (EPM) as of June 1, 2016. Please refer to the EPM for current health care program policy information. ***

Chapter 21 - Income Calculation (Community)

Effective:  April 1, 2009

21.50.55 - Earned Income Disregard - MA Method B

Archived:  June 1, 2016 (Previous Version)

Earned Income Disregard - MA Method B

Disregard the first $65 of earned income and then one half of the remaining earned income for clients using MA Method B to calculate income.

l  This disregard does not have a time limit.

l  Apply the disregard to the total combined gross earned income if another person's income is deemed to the client. See Deeming of Assets and Income.

Note:  Apply MA Method B disregards and deductions in the specific order listed in MA Method B Income Calculation and Medicare Savings Program Income Calculation.


Norm and his wife Marge apply for MA. Both are 67 years old and employed part-time. Norm earns $200 per month. Marge earns $500 per month.


To determine each person's eligibility, start with the combined total gross income of $700; they each deem their income to the other because they are married. First subtract $65 for a total of $635. Then subtract half of the remaining earned income.  $635 - $317.50 = $317.50.

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