Emergency Medical Assistance Non-Financial Eligibility

This subchapter provides non-financial policy information that applies to Emergency Medical Assistance (EMA). Non-financial eligibility requirements are not related to a person’s income or assets.

A person must meet the non-financial eligibility requirements for their Medical Assistance (MA) basis of eligibility.

EMA Medical Emergency

At application, EMA applicants must attest to having a medical emergency. Verification of the medical emergency is not required.

EMA Renewal

In order for EMA enrollees to remain eligible at renewal, they must continue to meet all non-financial eligibility requirements for their basis of eligibility, with the exception of immigration status. EMA enrollees do not need to have a medical emergency to qualify for EMA at renewal; however, coverage is limited to payment for medical emergencies or services approved through a Care Plan Certification.

EMA for Pregnant Women

Pregnant women may qualify for MA if they are lawfully present noncitizens, or CHIP-funded MA if they are not lawfully present noncitizens. EMA coverage for labor and delivery is available for certain pregnant women who are not lawfully present and who are ineligible for CHIP-funded MA because they have other health coverage or have excess income.

This subchapter includes links to the MA-ABD and MA-FCA bases of eligibility policies and links to policies that apply to all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP).

  1. MA-ABD Bases of Eligibility

  2. MA-ABD Non-Financial Eligibility

  3. MA-ABD Certification of Disability

  4. MA-FCA Bases of Eligibility

  5. MA-FCA Non-Financial Eligibility

  6. MA County Residency

  7. MA Living Arrangement

  8. MHCP State Residency

  9. MA-FCA Renewals

  10. MA-ABD Renewals

The following MA non-financial eligibility policies do not apply to EMA:

  • Verification of immigration status

  • Social Security number