3 MinnesotaCare

MinnesotaCare is a publicly funded state health care program established in 1992. In 2015, MinnesotaCare became a Basic Health Plan authorized under the Affordable Care Act.

This chapter provides policy information for MinnesotaCare and links to policies that apply to all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP). The list below links to each subchapter and the topics covered under that subchapter.

  1. MinnesotaCare General Requirements

    1. MHCP Applications

    2. MinnesotaCare Mandatory Verifications

    3. MinnesotaCare Responsibilities

    4. MHCP Change in Circumstances

    5. MinnesotaCare Cooperation

    6. MHCP Fraud

    7. MHCP Inconsistent information

    8. MHCP Overpayments

    9. MinnesotaCare Premiums and Cost Sharing

    10. MHCP Rights

    11. MHCP Appeals

    12. MHCP Authorized Representative

    13. MHCP Civil Rights

    14. MHCP Data Privacy

    15. MHCP Notices

  2. MinnesotaCare Non-Financial Eligibility

    1. MinnesotaCare Citizenship and Lawful Presence

      1. MinnesotaCare Citizenship

      2. MinnesotaCare Lawful Presence

    2. MinnesotaCare Incarceration Status

    3. MinnesotaCare Insurance Barriers

    4. MHCP State Residency

    5. MinnesotaCare Social Security Number

  3. MinnesotaCare Financial Eligibility

    1. MinnesotaCare Household Composition and Family Size

    2. MinnesotaCare Income Limit

    3. MinnesotaCare Income Methodology

    4. MinnesotaCare Income Verification

  4. MinnesotaCare Post-Eligibility

    1. MinnesotaCare Begin and End Dates

    2. MHCP Change in Circumstances

    3. MinnesotaCare Cooperation

    4. MHCP Fraud

    5. MHCP Health Care Delivery

    6. MHCP Inconsistent Information

    7. MHCP Overpayments

    8. MinnesotaCare Premiums and Cost Sharing

    9. MinnesotaCare Qualifying Health Care Coverage

    10. MinnesotaCare Renewals