2.3 Medical Assistance for People Who Are Age 65 or Older and People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability

Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility is determined using a variety of non-financial, financial and post-eligibility factors. Some MA policies apply to all MA applicants and enrollees. Other eligibility requirements are different, depending on what type of MA a person may be eligible for.

This subchapter includes policies that apply to MA for People Who Are Age 65 or Older and People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability (MA-ABD) and links to policies that apply to all MA programs and all Minnesota Health Care Programs (MHCP) programs.

For an overview of requirements and benefits, see the fact sheet Minnesota Health Care Programs for People Who Have a Disability or Are Age 65 or Older.

In-depth information about statewide services is available from mnhelp.info. Specialized assistance for seniors is available from Senior Linkage Line at 800-333-2433 and for people with disabilities from the Disability Hub MN  at 866-333-2466.

  1. MA-ABD General Requirements

    1. MHCP Applications

    2. MA-ABD Mandatory Verifications

    3. MA Responsibilities

    4. MHCP Retroactive Coverage

    5. MHCP Rights

  2. MA-ABD Non-Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-ABD Bases of Eligibility

    2. MA-ABD Certification of Disability

    3. MA Citizenship and Immigration

    4. MA County Residency

    5. MA Living Arrangement

    6. MHCP State Residency

    7. MA Social Security Number

  3. MA-ABD Financial Eligibility

    1. MA-ABD Household Composition and Family Size

    2. MA-ABD Assets

      1. MA-ABD Asset Limits

        1. MA-ABD Asset Deeming

          1. MA-ABD Sponsor Asset Deeming

      2. MA-ABD Excluded Assets

      3. MA-ABD Countable Assets

        1. MA-ABD Availability of Countable Assets

          1. MA-ABD Shared Ownership

      4. MA-ABD Unknown Assets

      5. MA-ABD Excess Assets

      6. MA-ABD Asset Evaluation

        1. MA-ABD Liquid Assets

        2. MA-ABD Retirement Funds and Plans

        3. MA-ABD Health Expense Accounts

          1. MA-ABD Flexible Spending Arrangements

          2. MA-ABD Health Savings Accounts

        4. MA-ABD Real Property

          1. MA-ABD Homestead Real Property

          2. MA-ABD Non-Homestead Real Property

          3. MA-ABD Life Estates and Remainder Interests

          4. MA-ABD Other Property Interests

        5. MA-ABD Contract for Deed and Other Property Agreements

        6. MA-ABD Promissory Notes

        7. MA-ABD Automobiles and Other Vehicles used for Transportation

        8. MA-ABD Annuities

        9. MA-ABD Trusts

          1. MA-ABD Identifying the Type of Trust

          2. MA-ABD Client-Funded Trusts

          3. MA-ABD Medical Assistance Qualifying Trusts

          4. MA-ABD Special Needs Trusts

          5. MA-ABD Pooled Trusts

          6. MA-ABD Third Party Established and Funded Trusts

          7. MA-ABD Supplemental Needs Trusts

        10. MA-ABD Life Insurance Policies

        11. MA-ABD Burial Contracts

          1. MA-ABD Burial Space Exclusion

          2. MA-ABD Burial Fund Exclusion

        12. MA-ABD Continuing Care Retirement Community Entrance Fee

        13. MA-ABD Tribal Payments and Interests

        14. MA-ABD Household Goods and Personal Effects

    3. MA-ABD Income

      1. MA-ABD Income Limits

      2. MA-ABD Income Methodology

        1. MA-ABD Countable Income

          1. MA-ABD Income Deeming

          2. MA-ABD Sponsor Income Deeming

        2. MA-ABD Disregards and Deductions

        3. MA-ABD Excluded Income

    4. MA-ABD Medical Spenddowns

      1. MA-ABD Spenddown types

      2. MA-ABD Health Care Expenses

  4. MA-ABD Post-Eligibility

    1. MA Begin and End Dates

    2. MA Benefit Recovery

    3. MHCP Change in Circumstances

    4. MA Cooperation

    5. MA Cost Sharing

    6. MHCP Fraud

    7. MA-ABD Health Care Delivery

    8. MHCP Inconsistent Information

    9. MA Qualifying Health Coverage

    10. MA Referral for Other Benefits

    11. MA-ABD Renewals