2 Medical Assistance

Medical Assistance (MA) is Minnesota's name for the federal Medicaid program, which began in the 1960s. County and tribal servicing agencies administer MA. MA provides health care coverage for low income Minnesotans.

This manual section provides policy information for MA. The first chapter provides policy information that generally applies to all types of MA. The second chapter provides policy information that applies to MA for Families with Children and Adults (MA-FCA). The third chapter covers MA for People Who Are Age 65 or Older and People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability (MA-ABD). The fourth chapter covers payment of long-term care services. The fifth chapter covers MA for certain populations.

  1. Medical Assistance Overview

    1. MA General Requirements

    2. MA Non-Financial Eligibility

    3. MA Financial Eligibility

    4. MA Post-Eligibility

  2. Medical Assistance for Families with Children and Adults

    1. MA-FCA General Requirements

    2. MA-FCA Non-Financial Eligibility

    3. MA-FCA Financial Eligibility

    4. MA-FCA Post-Eligibility

  3. Medical Assistance for People who are Age 65 or Older or People who are Blind or have a Disability

    1. MA-ABD General Requirements

    2. MA-ABD Non-Financial Eligibility

    3. MA-ABD Financial Eligibility

    4. MA-ABD Post-Eligibility

    5. MA for Employed Persons with Disabilities (MA-EPD)

    6. MA under the TEFRA Option

    7. MA 1916(a) and 1916(b)

  4. Medical Assistance for Long Term Care Services

    1. MA-LTC Eligibility Requirements

    2. MA-LTC Financial Eligibility

  5. Medical Assistance for Certain Populations

    1. MA for People with Breast or Cervical Cancer

    2. MA Center for Victims of Torture

    3. Emergency Medical Assistance

    4. Institutions for Mental Diseases

    5. Hospitalized Incarcerated People

    6. Northstar Care for Children

      1. MA Northstar Adoption Assistance

      2. MA Northstar Title IV-E Foster Care and Title IV-E Kinship Assistance

      3. MA Northstar Non-Title IV-E Foster Care and Non-Title IV-E Kinship Assistance

    7. Refugee Medical Assistance