2.5 Medical Assistance for Certain Populations

Medical Assistance (MA) eligibility is determined using a variety of non-financial, financial and post-eligibility requirements. Different types of MA have different eligibility policies. This chapter covers MA for certain populations. Many of the people covered by these types of MA are not otherwise eligible for MA for Families with Children and Adults (MA-FCA) or MA for People Who Are Age 65 or Older or People Who Are Blind or Have a Disability (MA-ABD).

  1. MA for People with Breast or Cervical Cancer (MA-BC)

  2. MA for People Receiving Services at the Center for Victims of Torture (MA-CVT)

  3. Emergency MA (EMA)

  4. MA for People receiving services at an Institution for Mental Diseases (IMD), also called Program IM

  5. MA for Hospitalized Incarcerated People

  6. MA for Children Receiving Northstar Adoption Assistance, Northstar Kinship Assistance and Children in Foster Care

    1. MA for Children Receiving Northstar Adoption Assistance (MA-NAA)

    2. MA for Children Receiving Northstar Kinship Assistance (MA-NKA)

    3. MA for Children in Foster Care (MA-FC)

  7. Refugee MA (RMA)